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Why Embroidery

The thread demonstrates excellent washability, allowing it to endure multiple wash cycles while maintaining its integrity. Additionally, it is iron-friendly, capable of withstanding heat without compromising its structure. The thread exhibits impressive color retention, ensuring that it retains its vibrant hues even after numerous washes. Its versatility in embroidery application extends to almost any garment, facilitating the creation of polished and professional-looking team uniforms.

Up to 12 colours

Set up Fee

Any type of fabric


Time Frame
2-3 Weeks

File Type
High Res JPG, PNG, Vector, Picture with a ruler underneath it.(See below)


Amount of EmbroideriesSmall to
Up to 10K Stitches
Over 10K Stitches
(Not a logo)
*Please note that this price is subject to change in the event of any anomalies or deviations from the ordinary, including but not limited to, significant size variations or minute details.
If you are an existing customer the price may vary.

Small to Medium – Up to 10K Stitches

George Gooley Logo
A logo with low density will result in a small amount of stitches. With a width of up to roughly 7cm.

Large Logo – Over 10K Stitches

A logo with high density (has a background) could result in a large amount of stitches. With a width of up to roughly 7cm.

Picture with a ruler underneath

Make sure the garment is flat with the ruler starting from the most left point of the logo.

Standard Logo Positions

LC = Left Chest
RC = Right Chest
LS = Left Sleeve
RS = Right Sleeve
CB = Centre Back

Embroidery and Digital Printing Form

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