Afends Caterpillar Mens Retro Graphic T-Shirt


Introducing the Afends Caterpillar Men’s Retro Graphic T-Shirt, where vintage charm meets modern flair. Crafted from premium materials, this retro-fit tee features a bold caterpillar graphic print. Soft and durable, it’s perfect for everyday wear. Add a touch of unique style to your wardrobe with this eye-catching essential.

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  • Mens Graphic T-Shirt
  • Retro Cut Block
  • Wide-Ribbed Neckline
  • Front and Back Graphic
  • Exclusive Brodie Jackson Artwork
  • 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Jersey
  • Lightweight, 170gsm

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Afends, an avant-garde force within Jeanhouse's celebrated lineup, invites the vibrant community of Lismore to embrace a bold fusion of street culture and sustainable fashion. Renowned for its rebellious spirit and eco-conscious ethos, Afends delivers cutting-edge designs that transcend the ordinary. From edgy streetwear staples to eco-friendly essentials, our stores curate a diverse range that resonates with the fashion-forward clientele of the Northern Rivers. Afends is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle, a commitment to self-expression and environmental stewardship. Step into our Lismore Jeanhouse store and our online store and immerse yourself in the distinctive world of Afends – where style meets sustainability with unapologetic flair.