Ripcurl Surf Check Dress


The Ripcurl Surf Check Dress offers laid-back coastal vibes with its relaxed fit and yarn-dyed fabric. Perfect for beach days or casual outings, it features a comfortable silhouette and subtle, timeless style. This dress embodies effortless comfort and classic surf culture, ideal for relaxed, sunny adventures.

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  • Mid-length
  • Cotton Double Weave Gauze
  • Short length
  • Inner neck label
  • Yarn dyed fabric
  • Metal logo trim

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Weight0.2 kg
Ladies Top Size
  • L



Rip Curl, an embodiment of surf culture and adventure within Jeanhouse's eclectic collection, invites the community of Lismore into a world of laid-back style and coastal spirit. Nestled in these Northern Rivers towns, Rip Curl curates a dynamic selection of surf-inspired apparel and accessories, seamlessly blending functionality with fashion. Our stores serve as vibrant hubs for those seeking versatile and trendsetting choices, showcasing iconic boardshorts alongside a range of beach-ready essentials. From casual cool to beachwear chic, Rip Curl caters to diverse tastes with a commitment to quality and the enduring spirit of surf lifestyle. Step into our Lismore location and immerse yourself in the carefree charm of Rip Curl.